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Looking for certified financial planning professionals in Centennial, CO? We help you achieve your life goals!

Do you need financial planning services to help shape your future? A&I Wealth Management offers advice and solutions based on your life vision. We work with you to create a retirement, investment, and insurance plan according to your personal needs.

A&I financial planning focuses on people and their aspirations, not only numbers.

For some, it might be worry free retirement. For others, it might be funding the college for their kids or leaving a lasting legacy. Our experts can help you make financial decisions that bring these goals closer. Individuals, families, and business owners can benefit from our financial advisory services.

Do you have questions regarding wealth management? Navigating through the financial landscape can be complex, and we offer help in investing, insurance, tax, and estate planning so you can achieve your financial goals. Our team of dedicated experts consists of lawyers, financial analysts, and tax accountants, each of whom is able to support your decisions with their expertise.

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About A&I Financial - Your Goto Financial Advisor in Centennial

A&I Wealth Management has been on the market for 30 years, as a trusted partner for our clients. We are a second-generation, Colorado-owned and operated company. Being independent, we can choose the financial partners, products, and providers that work for our customers. We serve a limited number of business owners and families in Centennial with a streamlined process, market knowledge, and expertise.

Our Workflow & Process

Our carefully designed approach consists of five steps, starting with a discovery meeting. It lasts no more than 80 minutes, allowing our team to better understand your lifestyle and financial needs. In this brief conversation, we dedicate ourselves to understanding what is important to you and your family. Our clients say that this was the best conversation about finance they ever had, and this makes us so happy. We are fiduciaries, meaning that we work according to your interests. Our team is committed to your financial success, and our efforts reflect that. Even if you aren’t familiar with the financial market, we use simple terms to make it clear for you.

About Centennial, CO

Centennial is a relatively new city located in Colorado,established in February 2001. The population grew to 100,000 residents, which is ninth in Colorado. It is a home rule municipality located in Arapahoe County, Colorado, United States. The city is famous for its impressive nature and a minimum of 300 sunny days throughout the year.

Centennial Airport is the third busiest carrier airport in the country. The city is ranked 15th for being the safest city in the country and one of the best places to live, according to 24/7 Wall Street.

Centennial is a tech focused city with a strong emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. The municipality continuously implements projects to improve the area.

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How much does it cost to talk to a financial advisor?

At A&I an initial conversation with one of our certified financial planning experts is always free of
charge. Talk with a financial advisor to discover how we can help you in managing your wealth more
efficiently. An initial conversation is always complimentary. For ongoing advice, like most financial
advisors, we charge based on how much money we manage for you. That fee can range from 0.5% to
1.5% per year. The more money under management, the lower the fee. Some financial advisors even
charge a flat hourly or annual fee instead. We at A&I follow a fee structure based on Assets under
management (AUM).

How do you know if a financial advisor is legit?

You can visit the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website directly or the FINRA
BrokerCheck program. Additionally, you may visit your state securities regulator website. Every financial
advisor is required to hyperlink to FINRA BrokerCheck or file a registration with the SEC.
A&I Wealth Management is a legal organization registered with the Securities and Exchange
Commission. You can find us here:

What is the difference between fee-based financial advisor & commission- based?

A fee-compensated advisor collects a pre-stated fee for their services. That can be a flat retainer or an
hourly rate for investment advice. If the advisor actively buys and sells investments for your account, the
fee is likely to be a percentage for assets under management (AUM).
It is important to note that the income earned by fee-based advisors is earned largely by fees paid by a
client. However, a small percentage of the revenue can be earned through commissions from selling
products of brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, or insurance companies.
In contrast, a commission-based advisor’s income is earned entirely on the products they sell or the
accounts that are opened. Products for commission-based advisors include financial instruments, such
as insurance packages and mutual funds. Many commission-based advisors are not fiduciaries.
In brief, fee-based advisors usually charge their clients a flat rate, while commission-based advisors are
not paid by clients but are compensated by commissions earned from financial transactions and

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