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How we provide retirement plan advice for our clients 401k accounts, and for employers who want to provide advice to their employees.

“We need to compete with the big companies and want to provide a full suite of benefits. We need a fiduciary.”

Benefits of Working with AIWM

401k planning for employees and business owners provides many benefits:

  • Individual investment advice for retirement plan participants
  • Plan design and administration
  • Fiduciary investment policies
  • Education and communication
  • 401k Financial Advisor in your City near you

Benefits of 401k Advisor for Employees & Owners

Individual investment advice

If you have a retirement plan with your employer, like a 401k plan, then you may be overwhelmed with the investment choices. We work with you to understand the risks and rewards for these investments. We help you make decisions that take into account your overall financial plan, and other investments held with A&I Wealth Management.

Plan design and administration

We help employers select the best plan provider for your needs. Fine-tune the plan with design and investment options. Guide your plan administrator towards best practices. Simplify, customize, reduce costs and evaluate regularly with proven success metrics.

Fiduciary investment policies

We write an Investment Policy Statement for the employer. The IPS aligns employer goals and participants’ investment knowledge. We conduct regular reviews with the plan sponsor. A higher performing plan creates more satisfied participants.

Education and communication

We offer excellent communications, weekly newsletters, easy to understand web sites, and regular education events. By providing  personal financial advice, we go beyond the enrollment meeting to make a meaningful difference in participants’ lives.

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Some Investment Services We Provide

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management

Balance the risk and reward between investments to achieve your real-life financial goals.
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Stock and Mutual Fund Investments

We build high-quality, actively-managed equity portfolios using academically-proven techniques.
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Bonds and Fixed Income Investments

Learn how our team makes recommendations for the portfolio we call “Foundation Income.”
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Stock Option Planning

Learn about how we manage incentive stock options and nonqualified stock options to help you grow and protect your wealth, reduce your taxes, and achieve your personal goals.
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Single Stock Diversification

Learn how we build an investment portfolio around your large equity position and help you diversify—not double-down (or worse) your risk.
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Hedging Strategies and Alternatives

Learn how we carefully select some alternative investments to provide income and growth for some clients.
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Investment Performance Analysis

Learn how we perform investment performance analysis and provide our clients access to this information, on demand, with great technology.
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IRAs: Roth, Rollover, Inherited and More

Learn how we solve the complex problem of providing retirement income and reducing income taxes.
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401k Advice for Individuals and Businesses

How we provide retirement plan advice for our clients 401k accounts, and for employers who want to provide advice to their employees.
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Annuities of All Kinds

An annuity may provide you a safe and prudent retirement income. We have independent, expert annuity agents with a huge array of providers to choose from.
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Values Based Investments

Learn how we enable our diverse clients to invest with their values.
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