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It’s Important for Old Guys to Dream Too

The experts discuss the importance of dreams. We are all of a similar age, in a similar life stage, which is to say, not young anymore! We open up and ...share dreams about what we want to do now. As adults, we do safe things. Having put aside, delayed, dropped or otherwise ignored our dreams for decades while we raised children and built businesses gave us an opportunity today. Now we have a little more time, talent and financial assets to achieve even more than what we used to dream about. But in some ways, we are afraid. Why? What next? What next! It’s an exciting and fun conversation we are having now.Expert Network team provides free consultations. Just mention that you
listened to the podcast. 

Nathan Merrill, attorney
Working with affluent families and entrepreneurs in implementing
tax-efficient strategies and wealth preservation
Goodspeed, Merrill
(720) 473-7644
[email protected]


Jeff Krommendyk, Insurance Expert
Working with business owners and successful families in transferring
One Digital Insurance Agency
(303) 730-2327
[email protected]


Karl Frank
Financial planner helping a small number of successful families grow and
protect their wealth and choose how they want to be taxed
A&I Wealth Management
(303) 690.5070
[email protected]

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