Medicare Planning

Make an educated decision about all the various Medicare insurance options.

Medicare can be confusing but the three-step process simplified the decision for us.

We provide our clients with access to experts in professional risk management & insurance consulting, including financial planning for Medicare insurance.

3 big Medicare decisions

Which Medicare is right for me?


Get Medicare Part A at age 65


Make sure to sign up for Medicare Plan A at age 65. Medicare part A is free! If you wait until after age 65, you will pay more for Medicare every single year!


Choose either Medigap or an Advantage plan


Traditional Medicare is Medicare Part B, and requires Medigap. Each of these plans have a letter. Traditional Medicare Medigap Plan G  is a “Good” place to start. Compare that with all the other plans to find what you want.


Choose Medicare Part D


Finally, make sure you have a Medicare Plan D. D stands for drugs, or medicines. Traditional Medicare requires you to get a Plan D. However, many Advantage plans include medicines (no separate Part D).

Sign up for Medicare when you turn 65

When you turn 65, you sign up for Medicare part A. Even if you are still working, sign up for Part A and then defer the other Medicare (Parts B and D). Once you quit working, sign up for Medicare, regardless of the time of year.

(Special Enrollment Period)What happens in the first year

The first year only you have a Special Enrollment period, and you should sign up for Medicare quickly after you quit working. Choose whether you want Medicare B and D or whether you prefer a Medicare Advantage plan. Every year thereafter, you may change Medicare plans during Medicare Open Enrollment, between October 15th and December 7th of each year.

Trick: Start with Traditional Medicare Plan G

We often recommend starting your comparison shopping with Traditional Medicare Plan G: the Good plan, the Go-anywhere plan. Compare this to the other Traditional Medicare Medigap plans. Each of the Medigap plans will remove some sort of coverage from plan G. One important benefit of Traditional Medicare Medigap plans is you can take your benefits anywhere.

Then compare Medicare Advantage

Then compare your preferred traditional Medicare plan to the list of Medicare Advantage plans. Advantage plans are usually less expensive than Traditional Medicare plans. They are also a one-stop-shop, where you can get other benefits like dental, vision, and more. Many Advantage plans also provide Medicare Plan D: simplifying your decision process as well.

Finally look at Part D (drugs) for medicine

Finally, make sure you have medicines covered. For people with a number of prescriptions, the Advantage plans can be complicated because some plans charge more than other plans for the same medicines. We would be happy to make an introduction to an expert to help you choose between a Traditional Medicare Plan Part D or one of the Advantage plans.

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