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Family financial planning

We want our children and grandchildren to be good financial stewards. And it is important they know where the money came from and the choices we made.

Wealth Management Services for Families

Serving High Net-worth Families

Private wealth management process that considers your family’s entire net worth, including cash, investments, real estate and more

Complete Services Under One Roof

Tax and family office resources to coordinate accounting, estate planning, insurance and other services

Hands-on Client Service Team

Comprehensive wealth plans that are aligned with your investment strategies and actively maintained through our hands-on client service team

Family Wealth Management

In order to meet the needs of multigenerational families, the scope of our guidance and strategy must be just as expansive as their long-term priorities. Over the years it is the depth of service that we’ve worked to deliver that differentiates us from other firms.

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“For most individuals, long-term thinking is a few years down the road. For those with family wealth priorities, it’s a few generations down the road.”

We Know Families

Families per Advisor
Experts per Family
  • 80 families per financial advisor on average
  • 2 ½ generations of a family work with the financial advisor
  • 3 expert team members work with each family
  • 100% commitment to your family

Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.
Surprise from a Family Steward
Grandma’s College Fund
Modern Family

Uncle James passed away a few years after becoming our client. Because James never had children, he left the assets in trust for his three nieces. While the children grew up, we managed the investments and their father kept their inheritance a secret. When they were college-bound, James’ nieces received a pleasant surprise—college was free, thanks to Uncle James! We:

Set up and funded trusts, making it easy for James
Managed the investments prudently with Uncle James’ goals in mind, making it easy for the trustee
Made payments for college and other expenses, allowing the young women to focus on their studies
Managed and reduced tax costs

Because of our prudent money management, the accounts continued to grow, even after paying for college. James’ oldest niece was able to pay for a wedding and make a down payment on her first home. Uncle James’ generosity will be forever remembered by this family.

As Helen approached her 90s, she knew her money would outlast her life on earth. Her oldest grandchildren were having children. Her youngest grandchildren were approaching college age. Helen wanted to provide them a college education, and she didn’t mind saving taxes either. But she wanted to do something fair to help all the different generations, and also give a little more to those who needed a little more. We:

Discussed fairness, and what it means to Helen, and helped her feel confident in her decision
Set up education accounts and trusts
Funded them in a manner that Helen enjoyed a large tax savings
Kept things simple and elegant
Managed the assets prudently

Helen recently passed away. She is remembered by her family for her elegance, prudence and generosity. Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are all a little better off, financially and otherwise, because of her good decisions.

Scott and Ellen were in the thick of it—raising college-age children and caring for Ellen’s mom. They each were employed, and both were proud of their high incomes. Sometimes they felt like they were losing control of the money going out the door. With two college payments and an increasing financial, emotional, and time burden from caring for Ellen’s mom, they needed a realistic financial plan. We:

Went through the discovery process and honored their goals, values and relationships
Wrote a one-page financial plan they could follow
Helped with a budget, giving them an online portal for all accounts (credit cards, checking, investments, more)
Decided on an appropriate debt plan
College funding plans
Retirement income plans

Success for Scott and Ellen had always been to enjoy time with the family and feel financially secure. With their financial advisor, they were able to relax about the budget and know that their outflow was finally in control.

Services We Provide

Smart investing is only one aspect of wealth management. Your wealth management team at A&I will assist you with investment decisions such as when to sell a business or purchase or sell your property, as well as financial planning, estate planning, legacy planning, tax Planning and retirement.

Investment Advice

Patented investment process, including ESG investing: environmental, social and governance considerations.

Tax planning

Financial Planning

Align your money with your values, goals and relationships and bring peace of mind.

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Retirement Income Planning

Be confident and keep your independence, dignity and lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer

Teaching younger generations financial stewardship, transferring values and stories, ensuring a financial legacy.

Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

Make an impact beyond your family, helping our community and the world at large.

Life Planning

Purposeful planning, help with the emotional dimensions of money, and more.

Long-Term Care Planning

Deciding whether or not to buy LTC insurance, having a plan in place for the end of life.

Paying for College

College and private education planning, for yourself, your kids and grandkids.

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Starting Out with a Little Money to Invest

Comprehensive resources for financial planning for millennials and Generation Z.

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