Tax Optimization Strategies

Our experienced team uses tax strategies to give you more choice and control over when and how much you pay in taxes.

“I appreciate the additional value you provide with tax harvesting and other strategies.”


Tax optimization provides you and your loved ones many benefits:

  • Choice and control over when and how much you pay in taxes
  • An investment portfolio that may reduce your tax burden
  • Greater confidence in your finances

Go Tax Free!

Karl Frank wrote the book, Go Tax Free!

With a Go Tax Free financial plan, you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you are making good decisions for your family. Money in America is taxed in three ways: taxed-as earned, tax-deferred or tax-free.

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Taxed as Earned

This is the way most of our investment accounts, certificates of deposit, and savings accounts are set up. Every year, we pay some taxes on the gains.

Tax-deferred money


This is the way most of our retirement accounts are set up, including IRAs, 401ks, and pension plans. We defer the income taxes until we make withdrawals in retirement.

Spread Eagle


This is an account like a Roth IRA, cash value life insurance, and others that potentially allows tax-free withdrawals.

A Portfolio for an Uncertain Tax World

We diversify our client’s investments by tax category. This portfolio reduces your tax risks when the government changes regulations.

If the government raises taxes, your tax-free “Green Slice” is more valuable than the others because it has no tax burden. If the government lowers taxes, then the tax-deferred “blue slice” is more valuable. In any case, most people don’t have much money in the tax-free category. That’s why we say we help you “Go tax free!” We help you make the right decision for your situation, with choice and control over how you are taxed.

Imagine if you could go tax free!

Tax Planning Provides Greater Confidence

We employ several strategies to help increase your choice and control.

Tax Harvesting

We provide professional advice on how to reduce the taxes for your investment portfolio.

Retirement Income Planning

We all want to retire with independence, dignity and have a little fun.

Charitable Planning

Make an impact beyond your family, helping our community and the world at large. Charitable donations can also save a lot of taxes.

Financial Planning

Ultimately, an advanced financial plan takes into consideration your taxes, and helps you prepare and mitigate your costs.

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Tax Optimization Strategies

Our experienced team uses tax strategies to give you more choice and control over when and how much you pay in taxes.
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