Single Stock Diversification

Manage investments with a large position in a single equity and diversify, reduce risks, and minimize taxes.

“I want to reduce the risk of owning so much of my family’s net worth tied up in one company.”


Owning a large portion of your net worth in one company can be dangerous to your wealth.

Some problems with owning too much of a single company:

  • Too much risk and volatility
  • I need to keep my family’s financial situation secure in spite of what happens to my company
  • I don’t want to pay too much in taxes

Addressing the Obstacles

To single stock diversification


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We build a portfolio around the single-stock with other companies whose stock prices move differently. These investments have low correlation with each other, smoothing the investment experience.

Tax Harvest

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Tax Harvest

Reduce the costs of taxes by selling equities that have losses. Re-invest the proceeds in another company. Before the end of the calendar year, offset the losses with taxable gains by selling the single-stock tax-free. 

Financial Plan

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Financial Planning

Financial plans for the family help address the right amount of risk and opportunity to keep in a portfolio. Follow our advanced financial planning process and align your CPA, attorney and other experts.

Low Correlation

Helps you to divest from a single stock

We search for and then monitor investments that move differently from each other and from your single stock. The lower the correlation, the more differently one investment moves from another. A negative correlation means that an investment may rise while another investment declines. This makes it possible for us to divest from your single stock position.

Correlation Matrix

Our 5-step Process

for single stock diversification


Discovery, understanding what means the most to you and your family. This includes your goals, values, relationships and more.

Equity analysis

Understand and explain the risks of the single company.

Portfolio creation

Build a portfolio of low-correlation investments around the single stock.

Tax harvesting

Regularly looking for opportunities to harvest investments with losses to offset the taxable gains in the single stock.

Ongoing management

Ongoing financial management. Track the investments, and take advantage of opportunities that may present themselves. 

Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.
Pretty Good for a Farm Boy

Dylan is a conservative midwestern family man. He grew up on a farm, but after graduating college, he went into the corporate world. Dylan then worked his whole life for the same large company. He retired several years ago but never sold his shares in company stock. He was unsure about the taxation, and unsure about the other risks he could face. Over the years, Dylan had attended numerous financial advisor seminars. He had read many things on the internet, in magazines and newspapers as well. Recently, Dylan was referred to us from another financial advisor who knew our expertise. We started out providing advice for his single stock portfolio, and how to unwind these positions with less taxes. Quickly, the conversation grew into a deeper conversation about the meaning of money.


Completed a discovery meeting

Gathered all of the information from all the various sources

Learned about the ownership of his shares, some of which were in his company’s retirement plan

Shared with Dylan several paths for him to choose from

Made it clear to Dylan the pros and cons of each path

And we educated him and his wife about advanced planning opportunities that he had heard about, but never completely understood

Dylan says “you guys are a lot of fun to work with and I really appreciate your camaraderie and knowledge.” Dylan chose a middle-of-the-road financial path that reduced his taxes but did not cause too much complexity. Plus, he has the opportunity to make gifts to charities and, someday, bequeath a family foundation. He says, “pretty good for a farm boy.”


of single stock diversification

How we begin

Owning too much of your net worth in a single company can be dangerous for your long-term financial plans. To reduce your risk, we follow a 5 step process that begins with a discovery conversation.  Then we analyze the single stock and make prudent decisions about the right amount of risk to take. Then we build a portfolio around that single stock of low correlation investments. 

As time passes

As time passes, some of these investments will experience short-term losses. We periodically harvest these losses and build up a reservoir of tax losses. Before the end of every tax year, we sell some of the single stock tax-free. And we provide ongoing financial management, looking for other opportunities, staying ahead of changes in tax law, providing advanced financial planning along the way.

More information about single stock diversification

Resources to help you with a large amount of money in the equity of a single company

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