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Download a White Paper

Wealth and Wellbeing Album

This guide helps you and your beneficiaries understand your investments, taxes, assets, savings, estate plans, end of life plans, insurance policies, and is a great gift for yourself and the people you love.

What to Do When a Loved One Dies

Have you cared for a loved one near the end of his or her life? Actively deciding on a plan for your own care is ultimately a gift you give to the loved ones who outlive you.

Our Investment Philosophy Statement

The right way to invest is to diversify by strategy, remain consistent, and maintain high conviction.

Most recent quarterly investment commentary


Download the white paper: Building Wealth for Professional Athletes.


Download the white paper: Myths and Truths about Athletic Scholarships.

Charitable Planning Chapter

Download the Charitable Planning Chapter from Go Tax Free

How to use Life Insurance for your best advantage

Concentrated Equity Strategies

We make it easy to understand and to act on your options, RSUs,
outright shares, etc.


Owning your employer’s stock within a qualified plan (like a 401k) presents opportunities that are both exciting and complicated. A little-known tax rule called Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) may significantly reduce and expedite your taxes. This paper discusses the pros and cons and gives you enough knowledge to make a better decision over the long haul.

Alternative Investments

Read the 2023 research update on trend following with managed futures

Questions to Ask

Download the questions you should ask when considering a financial advisor.

Unique and professional financial advice

Our wealth management approach may be different from experiences you have had with other advisors.

How A&I Might Help You

Financial planning resources

Learn some of the ways we communicate with, and educate our clients about, financial planning, investments and other important topics.

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We offer a broad array of events that broaden your knowledge and experiences.

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