Setting up Trust Accounts

Learn about different types of trusts we may establish to protect you and your family.

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Trust planning provides you and your loved ones many benefits:

  • Control
  • Tax savings
  • Asset protection


A trust is a document that creates a fiduciary relationship between a person you trust and your beneficiary. You will tell an attorney what you would like to see happen with your money. Your trust documents make sure your wishes are followed. Good attorneys help you think through problems. Experienced attorneys know what problems are commonplace.

Our services facilitate communication between you and the attorneys. This can save you time and money. Furthermore, we help you align the trusts with your values, relationships, and goals.

Tax Savings

A trust may help you save on estate taxes. The savings may exceed the costs of setting up and maintaining a trust by large multiples. On the other hand, some trusts may be taxed at high income tax rates. Understanding how taxes work is imperative to any financial plan that depends upon trusts.

We can help you understand the legal language. Typically, we can provide a one-page diagram that explains most of what you need to know about even complex trust-plans. You will know how they are taxed. You will also be able to understand the potential tax advantages.

Asset Protection

A trust may provide you and your loved ones financial protection. The trust assets may be kept out of litigation. These assets could be sheltered from divorce. Other financial threats may include car accidents, malfeasance, legal claims and more.

We can help you understand the pros and cons of setting up asset protection trusts. We provide an experienced second opinion about any trusts you may already have set up. We can help translate what you create to other family members, should it be appropriate.

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