Elder Planning


“We are making big decisions and appreciate the help of an expert. ”

What is an Elder Plan?

An elder plan helps to simplify the big decisions we face as we age. We have helped numerous people live their elder years with dignity and independence. Planning for the eventualities brings confidence, reduces stress and increases the quality of care.

An elder plan helps you live life on your terms:

  • Where to live and who will help
  • Thoughtful consideration to values, goals and relationships
  • A spending plan, including when you cannot manage money yourself
  • What happens when you have a health issue
  • Making sure you get the best care, incl. Medicare
  • Clear communication about end of life, values and goals
  • Legacy, sharing what is important with loved ones
Elder plan in one page

We can have what we want

With proper planning

Elders want...

(Similar to their adult children)

Elders want

Age in place at home

Don’t be a burden on kids

Adult children want...

Adult children want

Elders to be safe and happy

Elders to have the best quality of life and best care possible

Just be son/daughter vs. care coordinator

Most Americans want to

Pass away at home

Prefer home

Sources verified March, 2024.

But most Americans

Pass away outside the home

Die outside home

How do I get started?

Contact A&I to schedule a time to get started with your elder plan. It is a free service to existing clients. If you are not yet a client of ours, we offer as many as three meetings free of charge.

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Elder planning

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