Tax and Estate Planning Advice


Tax Optimization and Minimization Plans

We provide our clients access to:

Expert Team

An unbiased expert team with a CPA, estate attorney, insurance expert and more.

Great Value

Initial advice from all our experts is provided at no additional charge—included with our investment advisory fee.


We facilitate communication between your experts, keep them in the loop, and allow you to relax. 

Benefits of Tax and Estate Planning

We work with outside, independent experts to deliver an advanced financial plan for our clients.

An advanced financial plan delivers at least four benefits:

Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection

Making sure that litigation and other risks don’t take away your hard work.

Wealth Enhancement

Wealth Enhancement

Providing choice and control over when and how much you pay in taxes, and owning the right amount of debt.

Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

For the charitably inclined, using the right tools to make an impact.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer

Helping you leave a legacy in more than just dollar terms, but in your stories, your values and your relationships.

How We Do Tax Planning

We make it easy for you act on advanced tax planning advice
Tax Optimization Strategies

Tax planning saves our clients money and provides immense value. We facilitate communication between the experts on your team. And, if you do not have a team of experts, we provide the initial advice of our expert network team free of charge.

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How We Facilitate Estate Planning

We help you understand and communicate with your attorney and other experts.

We follow a time-tested approach to helping clients plan for a life of independence and dignity. 

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Wealth Transfer


We believe the right way to deliver plans like this is to find the best, unbiased experts we can find and then help translate their work into a one-page plan you can understand and implement. Plus, you are able to translate the salient information to your beneficiaries and other loved ones.


Our communication process with our expert network team keeps you informed about any changes in the laws that affect you. On the other hand, it helps you avoid costly and unnecessary changes.


Your plan for the future should include end-of-life planning in alignment with your values, your faith, and your relationships. Your estate plan should be no more complicated than it needs to be to address your goals.

Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.
Troy and Mary
Paris and Theodore

Helen worked for 35 years for the same company. In all those years, her husband took care of the financials. She had raised three healthy children into adults. Helen built incredible friendships over the years. Shortly after they retired, her husband suddenly passed away. Helen was thrust into managing all aspects of a complicated financial life. She felt at times overwhelmed and guilty; guilty because she had more money than she thought she could spend. She wanted to help the kids and grandkids, but was worried about fairness. Some of them had low incomes and could use more. Others were more wealthy than she was, and didn’t need as much. She had worries about taxes, which just seemed to eat up a lot of her retirement nest egg. And she had her church to worry about. How could she make a meaningful gift and not put at risk her friends, all of whom were of more modest means? We:

Listened to Helen in our discovery meetings
Addressed the tax situation
Helped focus on one problem at a time
Respected the complexity and inter-relations of all Helen’s financial decisions
Continue to communicate often about all aspects of her life

Helen found peace and joy with her newfound independence, and wealth. She didn’t lose herself in the details nor drown in the complexities. Instead, she is able to focus on the big picture and plan for meaningful experiences with her family. Although she misses her late husband, she has a full life and is always busy!

Troy and Mary came to us with a sophisticated plan already in place. They had an estate plan, a charitable trust, a trust for their vacation home and another trust for a disabled grandson. Just when we thought it was complicated, they told us they had recently dissolved a family partnership thinking that was too complex! We:

Enjoyed several lengthy but laughter-filled discovery meetings
Addressed their primary concerns
Engaged an attorney, CPA and insurance expert to help with the advanced planning
Put together a plan that would allow them flexibility and more simplicity
Invested the money in alignment with their long-term goals

They are happy with the integrated team and communication process we deliver. They are still prone to making things more complex, but this is in alignment with who they are and how they became successful. They appreciate the fact that we can talk the details and help them boil it down to the nuts and bolts—so they can make the right decision for their lives.

They say opposites attract. Paris and Theodore could hardly be more different, nor could they be more in love. She is a performing artist and he is a software engineer. They raised two beautiful daughters, sold his business and decided to travel the world. It took years for Theodore to trust our firm. Paris was ready to hand over the keys today! We:

Spend time with Theodore on the details of the advanced financial plans, income forecasts, trust structures and investment decisions
Spend time with Paris to discuss the reasons, the purpose and the vision for their financial plans
We facilitate communications between their existing professionals, including the insurance agent and CPA
We give Ted the second opinions from our legal expert about any new ventures and ideas he may be cooking up

Theodore and Paris are two of the happiest people we’ve ever met. She is all extrovert and he is all introvert. She is incredibly creative and expressive and he is also creative, but usually behind a computer screen. Between the two of them, they always have a new story to share with us. And we deliver the flexibility and confidence of a real-life advanced financial plan.

We call it the new way to do
Wheel of Wealth Management

Some Advanced Planning Services We Provide

Tax and estate planning services

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Tax Optimization Strategies

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Tax Efficient Distribution of Wealth

We help protect wealth across generations for clients, especially by mitigating taxes.
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Social Security Benefit Options

Learn about different ways to maximize your Social Security benefits and avoid costly mistakes.
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Setting up Trust Accounts

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