Tax Efficient Distribution of Wealth

We help protect wealth across generations for clients, especially by mitigating taxes.

“I worked hard to create my nest egg.  I want to pass it down to my kids and grandkids without paying more than my fair share of taxes.”


Planning for a tax efficient distribution of your wealth provides you and your loved ones many benefits:

  • Understand your tax risks
  • Learn about your options
  • Implement sophisticated plans with ease

Trusts and Other Legal Documents

Learn about trusts and other legal structures that may help you accomplish your goals.

We work with our expert network team to help you understand the pros and cons of legal documents. Some of these documents may include a trust. A trust can provide flexibility for you and protection for your family as well. Some trusts may reduce taxes. Some trusts help protect assets.

Working with a financial advisor at A&I Financial Services, you will understand what you own and why. Then, you can rest easy.

We swear to put your interests ahead of ourselves

Life Insurance

Learn about and purchase life insurance from a fiduciary.

Most life insurance is owned by the wealthiest among us –the folks who (you might think) need it the least. What can we learn from them?

Life insurance-based planning is among the most flexible and powerful vehicles available. The cash value accumulates without a tax burden. Life insurance provides an array of investment options. There is, of course, a death benefit for a legacy.

Work with a fiduciary to understand the costs and benefits of using life insurance to support your goals.

What can we learn from the wealthy?

Other Advanced Planning

Some clients set up more advanced structures, including family businesses. We have experience working with families transferring wealth between generations. We can provide guidance and counsel for the younger generations. We can help transfer the stories, values and wisdom across generations.

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Expert Network Team

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How We Help

Often, you have a close relationship with your financial planner. You know her better than you know your estate attorney. Our financial planners understand both you and the intricacies your estate plan. We help with:

  • Coordinating communication between your experts
  • Explaining everything, usually in one-page
  • Implementing and monitoring plans

Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.

Roger lived alone, except for his cats. He amassed a tremendous network of friends and he was always the life of the party. His alma mater was a local university, to whom he would bequeath the financial assets he accumulated over his life. We:

Helped Roger with the planning
Managed the assets prudently
Made sure the annual donations were in alignment with his goals
Coordinated communications between the attorneys, the bankers and the university foundation
Spent many hours together at football games, lunches and more

“Learning about our own higher purpose is a life-long pursuit,” said Roger.  Our community is better off because of his philanthropy.

Helen worked for 35 years for the same company. In all those years, her husband took care of the financials. She had raised three healthy children into adults. Helen built incredible friendships over the years. Shortly after they retired, her husband suddenly passed away. Helen was thrust into managing all aspects of a complicated financial life. She felt at times overwhelmed and guilty; guilty because she had more money than she thought she could spend. She wanted to help the kids and grandkids, but was worried about fairness. Some of them had low incomes and could use more. Others were more wealthy than she was, and didn’t need as much. She had worries about taxes, which just seemed to eat up a lot of her retirement nest egg. And she had her church to worry about. How could she make a meaningful gift and not put at risk her friends, all of whom were of more modest means? We:

Listened to Helen in our discovery meetings
Addressed the tax situation
Helped focus on one problem at a time
Respected the complexity and inter-relations of all Helen’s financial decisions
Continue to communicate often about all aspects of her life

Helen found peace and joy with her newfound independence, and wealth. She didn’t lose herself in the details nor drown in the complexities. Instead, she is able to focus on the big picture and plan for meaningful experiences with her family. Although she misses her late husband, she has a full life and is always busy!

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Tax Efficient Distribution of Wealth

We help protect wealth across generations for clients, especially by mitigating taxes.
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