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Financial Planning For Physicians & Specialty Doctors

A Financial Plan Aligns Your Money With What Is Most Important To You, Including Your Values, Goals & Relationships.

Create A Path To The Future You Want

Financial & Investment advice or solutions for practicing Healthcare Professionals

As you grow your career as a Physician or Dentist, beginning with medical or dental school, through your residency & specialization training—on to being part of your own practice and retirement, A&I is here to help with professional financial services for every step of your professional journey.

Wealth Management for Every Stage of Your Medical Profession

Financial Advice for Physicians, Specialty Doctors, Dentists & All Medical Professionals

Newly Graduated Doctor

Established Doctor (Late 30's or Mid Career)

Doctor With Own Practice

Retired or Retiring Doctor

The new graduate has her work cut out for her. Her greatest asset is her time, which is huge in front of her. Quickly this time can be eaten up by the needs of a financial plan. We can assist with:

  • Assist with debt minimization
  • Assist with decisions about health insurance
  • Start an investment plan
  • Planning for a home purchase
  • Student debt payoff planning
  • Buy vs. lease car decisions
  • Oversee tax return preparation and advanced tax planning
  • Financial planning for purchase of practice
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Other financial planning as appropriate

An established, but relatively young, doctor is “up to her eyeballs” with business and financial issues that may be overwhelming. A financial planner with experience working with physicians can expedite many tasks. Financial decisions are more likely to yield better outcomes with the advice of a fiduciary. We can assist with:

  • Assist to manage income tax installment payments and cash flows.
  • Oversee tax return preparation and advanced tax planning.
  • Consider use of corporations and a family trust for legal and tax protection.
  • Assist with financing for a larger home.
  • Income splitting planning with spouse and children.
  • Establish plans for children.
  • Preparation of a Will and estate plan.
  • Proper creditor proofing of assets to minimize risk of a loss in a lawsuit.
  • Annual cash flow planning: assist with spend vs. save decisions.
  • Preparation of a cash flow forecast targeting retirement in twenty+ years.
  • Full life and disability needs analysis.
  • Design of a professional investment program that you will build on during your prime wealth building years.
  • Evaluate pros/cons of starting research or side business and professional incorporation.

Doctors running small businesses often tell us they “did not go to school for this stuff.” With our experience, and with our fiduciary oath, we take a lot of the burden off the small-business owner’s shoulders. We assist with:

  • Access to the Expert Business Owner Team of advisors for small business owners.
  • Advanced tax planning.
  • Consider use of corporations, trusts and other arrangements for legal and tax protection.
  • Assist with the decision to carry the proper amount of debt.
  • Income splitting with relatives.
  • Financial plans and education plans for children.
  • Preparation of a Will and estate plan.
  • Proper creditor proofing of assets to minimize risk of a loss in a lawsuit.
  • Annual cash flow planning: assist with spend vs. save decisions.
  • Preparation of a cash flow forecast targeting retirement in twenty+ years.
  • Full life and disability needs analysis.
  • Business insurance analysis and recommendations.
  • Design of a professional investment program that you will build on during your prime wealth building years.

Near the end of a career, a physician begins to think about legacy. Plus, she thinks about spending time doing what she loves to do with the people she loves the most! Doctors in particular have concerns about the liquidity of a business they built, perhaps concerns about real estate, and, of course, all the other issues that retirees face. Our experienced team of fiduciaries help with:

  • Retirement income planning. 
  • Preparation of a withdrawal policy statement, providing confidence in your income.
  • Social Security income planning.
  • Tax planning in the retirement years.
  • Will and estate planning.
  • Consider advanced planning topics, including trusts for financial, tangible, real estate, business and other assets.
  • Charitable giving, to the extent you are charitably inclined, help you to make a gift that is meaningful to you.
  • Evaluate insurance, trusts and other asset protection strategies.
  • Family financial planning, including the family financial album
  • Other advanced financial planning as appropriate.
Financial Advice For Better Tomorrow

Financial Planning

Whether you’re a physician or your partner is a physician, or maybe you’re both physicians, we know that your household is different from other American professional households. The right financial planning strategy is one that’s based on the intricacies of your career in medicine, your personal circumstances, your future goals and the current environment. We’ll work with you to develop a financial plan that is uniquely yours.

Specialized advice benefits your financial health & allows you to focus on your profession. Get a financial plan that works as hard as you do to achieve your family’s financial goals.

Our Financial Planning Process

The financial planning process at A&I Financial Services begins with our Discovery Meeting. We often hear this is the best conversation about money a person has ever had.

We deliver as many as three meetings free of charge as we get to know what is important to you, including your values, goals and relationships. Then, we begin the process of advanced financial planning, described next.

Advanced Financial Planning

We go one-step further than many other firms.

We pull together an expert team to deliver advice in the legal, accounting, risk management and other professions. We then give you a summary financial plan on one piece of paper. This makes it easy for busy people to live their lives and know the details are taken care of by an experienced fiduciary.

Read more about our promise & our process.

When we sit down with you to discuss your personal financial plan, we will bring you the best advice from our expert team.

How A&I Wealth Management Can Help You

Physicians have unique financial challenges. Learn how financial planners at A&I can help you manage debt, invest & protect wealth more effectively.
  • Save Time & Make Informed Financial Decisions
  • Asset Protection and Reducing Risks
  • Clarifying and Simplifying Your Complex Finances
  • Advice on Reducing Taxes
  • Making Smart Investment Decisions
  • Planning for Retirement and Succession

Why Choose A&I for Financial Advise?

We are a team of experienced professionals. We follow a proven process that enables each client to feel exceptionally well cared for,
safe and confident with their financial affairs.

In-Depth Knowledge

Every A&I Financial Services financial planner is a four-year college graduate. Seven of us are CFP® practitioners. We have over a dozen other advanced designations on our team. Plus, two of us are professors of financial planning for accredited universities. Many of us have held leadership positions in professional associations. 

Our Team

Good Investments

Our investment process is unique. We combine a patented selection process with thorough due diligence. We know the companies where we entrust our money. Our investment committee meets at least weekly to stay abreast of changes in the market. The committee is both academic and street-smart. We have a lot of education as well as experience.

Investment Advice


We are a fiduciary. This is the highest standard in the financial services business. This means we swear to put your interests ahead of our own. We promise that no one outside your immediate family will have a stronger interest in your financial success than us. 

Why Choose Us


A&I Financial Services financial planners are a team. We meet at least weekly to share our best ideas. We have a number of Certified Financial Planner CFP® practitioners who are experts at complex planning issues. Plus, we educate our clients with the latest and most relevant information through frequent educational events, blog posts, an email newsletter, podcasts and videos.

What We Believe


We make it simple to achieve your real-life financial goals. A&I Financial Services financial planners are experienced. Since 1986, we have helped a small number of families achieve financial success. We have over 100 years of combined experience on our team. 

Our History

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

We rely on our 12 core values to set priorities, resolve ethical dilemmas, act in our client’s good faith, and provide a consistently exceptional experience for everyone we meet.

Our Values
We Deliver Excellent Service

Advice & tailored solutions for Physicians and Dentists

Several of our Certified Financial Planners (CFP’s) are specialized in providing financial planning for physicians & dentists. Managing finances is a specialized area of practice that requires an understanding of the unique financial challenges facing doctors today as well as a thorough understanding of each physician’s personal financial situation. Long-term, real-life success begins with a plan. A comprehensive financial plan delivers calm confidence for all aspects of your financial life. A&I Financial Services is here to help you take on the unique financial challenges you face as a healthcare professional, no matter where you are in your career in medicine.

What Can You Expect?

Our clients receive:

Completely personal financial plans
Custom investment management, including access to our proprietary investments
Access to an expert team of professionals, including insurance pros, CPAs and attorneys
Advanced planning, such as charitable giving, risk management, and wealth transfer strategies
Interesting education and other events
Great technology
Regular progress meetings to review progress on your financial plan convenient for you

Financial Services We Provide

Covered in these areas

Investment Advice

Patented investment process, including ESG investing: environmental, social and governance considerations.

Tax planning

Financial Planning

Align your money with your values, goals and relationships and bring peace of mind.

Couple on yacht

Retirement Planning

Tax Optimization: Get choice and control over when and how much you pay in taxes.

Charitable Planning

Charitable Giving

Make an impact beyond your family, helping our community and the world at large.

Investment and Market Update


Divorce impacts every aspect of life, ranging from parenting to living to financial arrangements.

Paying for College

College and private education planning, for yourself, your kids and grandkids.

Real Estate Family Moving

Real Estate Planning

Purchasing a personal or investment property, including how much debt, legal and accounting issues.

Business Owners transition

Business Succession

I’m grateful that others have done this before and I could learn from their mistakes and successes.


Windfall or Inheritance Planning

Working with an advisor has been my best decision yet.

Life Planning

Purposeful planning, help with the emotional dimensions of money, and more.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer

Teaching younger generations financial stewardship, transferring values and stories, ensuring a financial legacy.

Long-Term Care Planning

Deciding whether or not to buy LTC insurance, having a plan in place for the end of life.

Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.
All in the Family
Jim and Sheryl
Dave and Janet

Elaine “won the birth lottery,” she says. She was born in the USA to a father who was a successful, if not famous, phsysician. They have been clients of our firm for more than a decade, and we have helped them through many of life’s transitions. Elaine joined her father in the medical practice and helped him retire years ago. Now she is selling the family business to her niece who is also a physician. Our planning today involves:

Tax estimates

Business structure planning

Retirement income planning

Insurance and asset protection planning

Succession planning

And other advanced financial planning as appropriate

Elaine says she “won the financial planner lottery” too! It was a fortuitous, if not random, course of events that brought us together many years ago. Now she has the confidence that she can enjoy many more decades of life without the stress of running a small business, as well as maintaining the expertise demanded of a successful physician.

Jim and Sheryl have been clients of the firm for nearly 20 years. They originally came to us for tax advice. Their tax preparer only looked “in the rear view mirror” and they often felt surprised. They wanted everything to be pulled together and organized, but they didn’t have the time or confidence to do it themselves. Both were working, previously married and they were looking forward to helping their grown children plan for marriages and grandchildren too. We:

Often meet on the phone, using Zoom or in-person
Planned for paying for the kids’ marriages
Enabled them to build their dream retirement home
Provide them a retirement income from their investments
Plan for their grandkids future education, whether college-bound or otherwise
We provide their kids financial planning advice as a service as well

Sheryl and Jim call us with any question they have about money. They joke that they “have to have permission” before they make a big purchase. What they are actually saying is that now they have confidence, whenever they want something, whatever it is, they know they can achieve their dream!


Dave and Janet have been clients of our firm for over 10 years. Together, they have run a business for thirty years. Yet, when they first became clients, they felt lost with their personal money. Dave said there were three stages to a life with money: accumulation, retention and giving away. Back then, it was all about protecting and growing their wealth. Today, their financial plans involve a lot of giving. We:

Often meet in person, share emails and talk on the phone
Discuss charitable planning strategies
Talk about the joys of giving to the family without spoiling them
Planning for the business exit and the second generation of ownership
Provide prudent investment portfolio management

Their modesty and generosity make a big impact in the lives of many people. Their church, for example, is financially strong—and most of the members have no idea how much of that strength comes from Dave and Janet.

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