1,000 Years Later, the Castles We Still Build

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Over the past 1,000 years, the world hasn’t changed.

So began the story from our new-to-us Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, Dave Stevens. Dave has been a friend to one or more of us for more than a decade and he joins our team with open arms, and over 30 years of investment experience. I hope you enjoy his story half as much as we do.

Over the past 1,000 years, the world hasn’t changed. One thousand years ago, the wealthy built castles. They put moats around their castles. They put dangerous animals in the moat. They hired armed guards. On the walls, behind the turrets, they had crossbows and longbows. The guards carried spears at the gate. All of this, said the successful men and women of yesteryear, was worth it. After all, they were protecting a lifetime of hard work.

Today, your guards carry tablets and briefcases. We help protect your family’s money with paperwork and accounts. Our attorneys and accountants, insurance experts and others keep your money safe from those who would do you harm. We help you protect yourself from unnecessary taxes, litigation, and relationships gone sour. We help protect you from the great unknown. Although our castles are not as dramatic, they are also not as cold.

Today, the captain of your guard is your financial advisor. We do more than just investment consulting. We provide advanced planning and relationship management. Advanced planning includes wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, charitable giving and wealth protection. For your financial advisor, relationship management means we facilitate conversations with your expert team, including the attorney, the insurance expert, your accountant, among others unique to you.

As the picture below shows, we work for you, putting you in the driver’s seat.

2019 02 14 Periscope Art

We are, at our core, counter-cultural. While the world tells you—repeatedly and loudly—warning! Everything is changing! It’s all new and scary and you need to act NOW! We are quietly guarding the walls, whispering a profound but boring truth. As it has been, so it will be.

The good news is, Tennyson said it better, almost 200 years ago, in his great poem, Ulysses: Ulysses – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’

We are not now that strength which in old days

Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Thanks, Dave. And thanks to my friend, and client, Pat, who reminded me of that great poem.

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Karl Frank, Certified Financial Planner ®, MSF, MBA, MA, is the President of A&I Financial Services LLC, a local business that specializes in wealth management, insurance planning, and retirement planning. Karl cares for business owners and the businesses that care for them. Learn More about Karl.