Read this Periscope for a recap of the one of the most strange episodes in the history world investments, the year 2020. Since we don’t have sports, we might as well have drama—and 2020 is delivering a lot of drama.

Investment update
Overall, we are comfortable with our current portfolio positioning, which balances a variety of shorter-term risks against attractive medium- to longer-term return opportunities. The year 2020 will go down as one of the most stressful years we’ve faced in a long time. Yet, the last three months, by many measures, was one of the best three months for investments of all time. This level of chaos may continue as we wrestle with a worldwide pandemic and various governments’ responses, as well as social unrest. Lest we forget, this is a US Presidential year—the stress we thought we would face.

Change is Tough and Things are Getting Better: Working in the USA Today
A number of our investment managers are looking at the way work is changing in the United States and finding opportunities. I thought I’d share with you a summary of some of their thoughts. Part of the value we bring to you, I hope, is that we’re thinking about things you haven’t thought of before (so you don’t have to)!

Four Investment Themes for July 4th
Read this Periscope to learn four themes for the near future. The past six months changed the world (again) and we’ll look back on 2020 as one of the most stressful of years. Hint: the key word of the near future is adapt.

When is the Right Time for Financial Planning
Recently, I wrote for the CFP Board. Read this Periscope and we’ll share with you some secrets that not explained in the national blog post. Click here to read my CFP Board blog post or read the Periscope.

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