Covid-19 and Your Financial Plans

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Cameron Morgan and Dave Stevens recently gave a brief and information-packed lunch and learn. Watch the video to see how financial planning in the pandemic age is different in several key ways.
Dave and Cameron’s advice includes:
  • Complete the family financial album. You may download a copy here, on our website, or just email your financial advisor and we will give you a printed copy.
  • Update your durable power of attorney. If you become disabled, your POA allows someone to act on your behalf. Sometimes, if this document is old, not recently updated, problems can ensue.
  • Consider downloading the Covid-19 tracking app. It is available free from the App Store.
How do you want to be treated if you get Covid-19?
You may want to download and fill out a copy of this free resource here. The Conversation Project walks through many of the issues that families face when looking at health issues.
End of Life planning workbook
We also have a booklet in our office which we find very helpful as we think about our own end-of-life planning. We have financial plans for while we are alive, retirement plans to pay for our after-work lifetimes, and we have estate plans for what happens after we go. But the transition from this world to the next is complicated and can be very difficult. With a little planning, we can go with dignity, respect and reduce the stress for our loved ones. Contact your advisor for these resources, free of charge.
Resources for Covid-19
Here are some resources on our website, and others, for planning to live with the Covid-19 pandemic.
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