Episode 22: Captive Insurance Part 2

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Episode Summary

March 9, 2021 | 00:31:44 | E22

The experts continue their conversation with Rich Ericson and Nathan Merrill about captive insurance companies. Learn alongside Jeff Krommendyk and Mike Miller about the big benefits, and key risks, of setting up a privately-owned insurance company. Continuing the conversation, Rich dives into more details about the three matrices of captive insurance: revenues, employees and current commercial insurance premiums. He discusses the big tax advantages and some of the legal details business owners want to know as they consider these advanced planning strategies. Learn about self-funded health insurance plans, and some of the benefits including increased transparency and lower costs. Learn also about some risks, and how to mitigate them (hint: a stop-loss policy). Integrating a captive policy with health insurance can reduce the risks and reduce the taxes and benefit the business owner. And how do you wind-down, exit, the captive insurance company? And what are the tax consequences? Learn how to gain more control and flexibilty over when and how much to pay in taxes.

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