Episode 33: Books of Interest to the Expert Team

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Episode Summary

August 3, 2021 | 00:33:35 | E33

Nathan Merrill and Karl Frank CFP discuss some books they have read that have made an out-size impact on their business and personal lives. With the obvious exclusion of the religious and political categories, we dive into educational and historical books that make an impact. Learn and laugh along side of two of our experts as we discuss some books you may have heard about, and others you may not. Some of the books are famous, like the Stephen Covey books, 7 Habits and First Things First and Principle Centered Leadership. Some are less than famous, like Executive’s Compass by James O’Toole. Learn about our “book for the ages” which made a huge impact on Nate’s life, and the Frank family’s life as well: Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. Plus, we talk about some fun books. Nate discusses historical books that gave him hope and inspiration for his company, Goodspeed & Merrill, and our country! Karl discusses two engaging military history books that helped Karl build A&I Financial Services LLC. In a wide-ranging discussion, these two experts make reading real and fun for the business owner.