Episode 48: Not a New Normal, but Better in 2022!

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Episode Summary

February 15, 2022 | 00:24:24 | E48

Karl Frank, CFP and Nathan Merrill discuss the state of small business at the beginning of 2022. The biggest trend of our time is Covid 19 and what will happen next?

Will this be a pivot year–when we return to something more normal?
Discuss the statistics around Covid 19 and how, in the macro scheme, things look better than they have in years. We also discuss why some numbers we may not trust.
Risks we are tolerant of, and people, actions and other things we are less tolerant of, now that we have lived with Covid for a few years.
We discuss how this can be a year to improve ourselves, jettison the old and unnecessary, and focus on what is meaningful.
We discuss some big trends outside of our control, like China and inflation.
We can move from success to significance.

Make this year a reboot! We can reboot our lives just like we reboot a computer after it is feeling ill. Well, the new covid endemic is an opportunity for everyone to focus on what we enjoy–and start enjoying it!