Episode 49: Business Owners Get Off The Treadmill

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Episode Summary

February 22, 2022 | 00:26:36 | E49

Business Owners Get Off the Treadmill

Karl Frank, CFP, Jeff Krommendyk, and Nathan Merrill get together and talk about getting burnt out making money.

  • Is there some way we can work less hard and still make a living?
  • Am I ready to retire?
  • Can we re-imagine retirement?
  • What about a way to build a business you never want to leave?
  • What questions do you ask and what steps can you take to get your life back on track, and not just the business.
  • Get out of the boxes you don’t belong in, and back into the boxes where you do your best work. Learn about what Nate and the ENT mean by the three big boxes.

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