Episode 51: Panic at the Office Part 1 of 2

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Episode Summary

March 15, 2022 | 00:28:09 | E51

In this two part series, we are going to discuss ways to reduce the stress and increase the happiness of our team.

Recognize the causes of heightened emotion.
Self-assessment–you cannot lead if you cannot heal yourself.
Pay special attention to the media you consume. Identify the sources of stress are usually news, social media and more.
Like being on a diet, measure the amount of media/news we take in.
Prioritize your news and media consumption into three buckets, good, better and best. Ignore the sensationalism. And discard the rest!
And turn to slower information sources, like books.

“When I was your age, television was called books” says the wise grandfather in Princess Bride. We recommend slowing down our thinking to help us frame today’s situation with a healthy, long-term perspective. One of the books we both recommend is Accidental Superpower. And, finally, laughter. You might enjoy this link to Countries playing Risk.