Episode 52: Panic at the Office Part 2 of 2

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Episode Summary

March 22, 2022 | 00:21:33 | E52

Jeff Krommendyk, Karl Frank, CFP and Nathan Merrill are still experiencing panic at the office. Or rather, with all the heightened tensions around the world, we are noticing that we, our team members, our partners, clients, vendors are on edge.
In the second of a two part series, we are getting real and provide practical advice to keep ourselves, and our teams, on track in “a time in our lives like no other.” How do we provide counsel to our team, family and friends?

Recognize that the information we, and our team, takes in determines a great deal of our happiness.
Our stress level is directly associated with the media intake level. The more you plug in, the more you are likely to check out. So take it seriously!
Coping mechanisms include exercise, prayer, music, service, eating and hydration, and “disciplines”.
We can talk with our team about their bucket–leaky bucket–and how we each need to fill it, over and over again, with good stuff.
Help our team, and ourselves, to manage expectations.
And finally, learn the prayer that just provides us solace–the serenity prayer–as we go through these trying times.

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