Episode 55: Inflation in 2022 Part 2 of 2

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Episode Summary

April 20, 2022 | 00:24:36 | E55

In this 20 minute episode, we discuss what we can do about inflation:
Reasons we have inflation. Are they just monetary? Are they policy related?
How the Federal Reserve can help and likely has not helped, but hindered, inflation over the previous decade.
We take a special look at mortgage rates and make a prediction—it may not be like the past. In fact, in the past, after a mortgage increase, the next few quarters have seen a decline in mortgage rates. Is this time different?
And finally, learn three things we can do in an inflationary world.
This is a time to recalibrate our lives. As Nate Merrill says, to “go wherever our heart is.” For more information, visit the websites of any of the expert network team members.