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Episode Summary

April 9, 2024 | 00:35:35 | E91

Sweeping new laws affect every business owner of nearly every size business in the USA. Nathan and Karl interview Charlston “Chase” DeGrood, an attorney at Goodspeed and Merrill, about the CTA: Corporate Transparency Act. All of us have to give up a lot of privacy and keep our information up to date or we face stiff fines. In a new Federal government database, the Feds are collecting ownership of companies, holding companies, and other legal entities, even if they have no financial affect. Even the person doing the work, regardless of their position in the company, must provide personal private information to complete the filing. Learn about your requirements, the risks you face and some ways to stay compliant in the first of two podcasts.The Expert Network Team consists of Karl Frank CFP®, financial planner at A&I Wealth Management, Nathan Merrill, attorney at Goodspeed and Merrill, and Jeff Krommendyk, managing principal at OneDigital insurance.Expert Network team provides free consultations. Just mention that you listened to the podcast.