How Doctors and Dentists Can Best Use Leverage

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Episode Summary

October 19, 2021 | 00:33:00 | E36

Shelly Doan, a banker with Keywest Bank, specializes in lending to doctor and dentist practices. Shelly brings her decades of experience, and degree in entrepreneurship, to the podcast. Doctors who want to get loans need to get a few things right with their financials. Learn where the value of the practice actually lies. Learn how banks rank the types of doctors depending upon their specialty. Shelly describes the Covid-19 crisis on doctor’s financials, both the best of times and the absolute worst. PPP loans can actually hurt a doctor’s prospects at getting a new loan—learn more about this and what to do about it. Real estate loans for medical practices are common. Exit planning loans are common. Learn about the loan process, what lenders look for and how to improve your situation. Finally, learn about some of the unique benefits of working with an expert like Shelly.