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Three pillars of a happy retirement are money, health, and relationships. As we age, health becomes more and more important. If you, or a loved one, is looking for home healthcare, you may want to start your search here: the Medicare website.

Home healthcare agencies are registered with Medicare, so they can receive Medicare payments. They are also rated by the Federal government who conducts surveys. The database can be filtered by location and by types of care, including:

  • Home Health Aide
  • Medical Social Services
  • Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology

How Home Health Care Providers are Rated

The survey has more than 26 data points. The various ways these companies are rated are helpful questions you can consider as you search for your home healthcare provider. These questions include:

  • How often the home health team began their patients’ care in a timely manner
  • How often patients got better at walking or moving around
  • How often patients got better at getting in and out of bed
  • How often patients got better at bathing
  • How often patients’ breathing improved
  • How often patients got better at taking their drugs correctly by mouth
  • How often patients receiving home health care needed urgent, unplanned care in the ER without being admitted
  • How often physician-recommended actions to address medication issues were completely timely
  • Changes in skin integrity post-acute care: pressure ulcer/injury
  • How often a patient had one or more falls with a major injury

More information about how the companies are rated can be found on the Medicare website (below).

Colorado Home Health Care Providers

In Colorado, at the beginning of 224, there were 223 different home healthcare providers. Out of these, 40 earned a four or five star review. Although that sounds bad, nearly half of the listed companies are small and did not receive a score. “The number of patient episodes for this measure is too small to report.” 

So the database is a good place to start. Other resources include online reviews using various websites. And, of course, referrals from a friend or professional. If you want to start research yourself, visit the Medicare website (below).

You don’t need an academic to teach you what you need in retirement. But, it might help to know you are in good company if you agree that money, health and relationships are important! To read more about the three three pillars of a happy retirement are money, health, and relationships, visit our website:


For further information:

Medicare Home Health Services web site: 


How Home Health Services are Rated by Medicare:


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