How to Prepare for the First Meeting with a Financial Planner

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If you made the smart decision to work with a CFP® professional to create a plan for your financial future, how do you make your first meeting as productive as possible?

At your first meeting, you will typically discuss the financial planning process, what you would like to accomplish as well as how your CFP® professional can help you. To prepare for this conversation, here are just a few recommendations:

·        Familiarize yourself with the financial planning process. Your CFP® professional will do a thorough review to assess where you stand and then work with you to develop your goals. From there, your CFP® professional can help you make a plan designed to reach your goals, guide you through it and review your progress over time.

·        Gather key financial information. The most important part of your “review” is getting a better understanding of your finances. Having a ballpark estimate of your income, investments and debts will help gauge the scope of the work needed.

·        Know your goals. Start thinking about your short-term and long-term goals, and have a clear expectation of them going into the meeting. Your CFP® professional can help you prioritize your financial goals.

·        Prepare a list of questions prior to the meeting. Most first meetings can be short—ask for an agenda or provide your own 24 hours before the meeting. You can ask questions at your first meeting or send them in advance, so the advisor is ready to address them when you meet.

A CFP® professional like myself can assist you in creating a holistic, personalized financial plan that will fit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Check out a recent article written by my fellow CFP Board Ambassador, Elaine King, CFP®, for more about how you can best prepare to work with a financial planner.
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