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 Read this Periscope for a quick summary of tips about how to create secure passwords that you will remember, and bad guys cannot hack.

    1. Use a password software. A password software is one place where you store all your passwords. This way, you only need to remember one password–the one you need to get into the password software. Plus, you can get to the password software from anywhere you have internet. You can download the software on your smart phone using App Store or Google Play. You could download the software to the desktop of your computer. You can even get to your passwords using a web site. We use “Password Keeper” and the article recommends “Lastpass.”
    2. Use a phrase instead of a password. The more characters in your password, the more secure it is from stealers. The article below has good recommendations for ways to turn a phrase into a mix and match of characters you know, and the rest of us will never know.
    3. Use different passwords. If you use the same password everywhere, and someone gets your password from one place, you are in trouble everywhere. Instead, use the password software and keep that one pass-phrase safe!

Two more tricks. I use the password software to generate passwords for me using random characters, symbols and numbers. This way, every website password is unique and not even known to me! I just remember the password software phrase and keep that one a secret.

And finally, good marriage advice. Stacey and I share the main password software pass-phrase with each other. And if you’re not married, you do want to put your main password somewhere that a survivor can find it, and tell them where. This way, upon your demise, they can close down your various social accounts and generally make their lives easier.

For more information, read this article from our partners at Axos:

Secure your passwords: Advice from the techies at Google

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