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You may live to 100. In fact, a researcher at Stanford predicts that someone alive today may live to 200!

Stanford University Center on Longevity suggests that we need to continue learning for the rest of our lives!

People who are more highly educated:

  1. Gain access to health-improving resources and surroundings, and those advantages accrue in the form of longer and healthier lives.
  2. Are less likely to smoke, to be depressed, to have heart disease, and have high HDL cholesterol – all factors that significantly increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.
  3. Have better access to psychosocial resources and a stronger sense of self-efficacy and social support, which both reduce the likelihood of depression and offer helpful coping mechanisms for dealing with health setbacks that can come later in life.
  4. Are also better prepared to make use of new technologies and to adapt to major life changes, such as a new job or reinventing themselves in retirement.

We are here to help you achieve your financial goals–regardless of how long you live!

If these topics interest you, join us on October 26th. Karl, Stacey and our special guest, Vanessa Johnston, will discuss the three plans we need as we age. We need a plan for aging, especially regarding our care, the facilities and the people we want to provide the care. We need a plan for the end of life. And, we need an estate plan.

None of us want to be a burden on our loved ones. Our conversation will be full of anecdotes, a little humor and a lot of practical takeaways!

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