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coworkers discussing financeWith so many investments down in 2022, we at A&I are working harder than ever to make prudent long-term investment decisions in our client’s best interests. Among the work we are doing is to go out and visit the mutual fund and other investment managers who we work with. This year, I have visited with more investment companies, in more locations, than perhaps any other year in our history. Last week, we were in the room as one of our money managers interviewed Elon Musk. I would be happy to share my experience with you; just reach out at any time.

We recently recorded our third quarter investment commentary. We shared the research of iMGP, one of our key partners. If you are interested in what we think about investments, you may want to watch the movie. Or scroll all the way to the bottom where we link to some highlights.

In years past, the days after an election are typically good for US equities. The dust settles and people get back to work. In today’s world, it sometimes seems like less people than ever actually want to work! We discuss the irony of high job openings and low unemployment during a recession, here:

We expect the news to remain unsettling. Our investment researchers are cautious in the short term. Importantly, this level of caution is uncommon for us. We are long-term optimists and you, and we, invest with that spirit. Change is difficult, and we are not yet done with changing times.

Investment Commentary

For the first time since the great financial crisis of 2008, our researchers are in agreement that the short-term is a little bearish. To get to the highlights, here are some shortcuts for you:

5 mins 10 seconds: 5 big factors driving markets today

11 minutes: 3 changes we have already made to many of our client portfolios

17 mins 15 seconds: Virginia Wu on when the best days in the markets tend to occur…

23 minutes: Chad Harmon on reasons for optimism

30 minutes: Judson on shrinkflation and what we can do about it

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