Winning the World Cup and Investing Internationally

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Read this Periscope to learn about how we make international investment decisions or explore more about Investment Advisory Services by A&I. Plus, our friend just won a World Cup Freestyle Skiing!

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Why International?

We invest overseas for several reasons. First, historically equity investments outside the USA have done well. Second, they tend to do well at different times than when the USA equities do well. Third, in the very recent past, the international investments have not done as well as US investments. This may present a value opportunity.

In the USA, we often hear about China in a negative light. And there are grave reasons to be concerned. However, China has a huge and growing influence on the rest of the world. Whether or not we choose to invest directly in Chinese companies, as citizens and investors of the world, we want to be aware of the opportunities China presents. This includes a huge influence in eCommerce, hardware technologies, industrial production, and especially in 5G wireless technology. The only major economy to grow during the COVID-19 crisis is poised to exert even greater influence after the crisis is over.

We are prone to think USA-first. Indeed, we usually have most of our investments in companies here in the USA. We also believe that we can find good opportunities overseas and remain true to the USA simultaneously. Learn more by watching two-minutes from our recent investment themes video.

For more reading on China’s influence, check out this story from Bloomberg:

World Cup Freestyle Skiing

We are incredibly proud to be sponsors of the best young freestyle skiers in America, and now the world. As many of you know, Karl and Stacey Frank’s children compete in mogul skiing. One of their kids’ friends is now officially one of the very best in the world. Kai Owens was the youngest skier ever to make the US Freestyle Team last year. And this weekend, Kai won her first World Cup.

She is awesome. Kai is full of positive energy and works as hard or harder than any of the kids in the circuit. However, she is almost always smiling. We think she was born for the podium!C

heck out her winning World Cup run (30 seconds):


For more information about Rocky Mountain Freestyle visit their website.
We are so proud of all the amazing young freestyle skiers in Colorado!

Call your financial advisor to learn more about international investing and how we do it!

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