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We are in the thick of the holidays at our homes and with our families. So much joy and chaos! As you visit with family and friends, don’t forget about our second opinion service!  We offer friends and family up to three complimentary financial planning meetings as a service to you, our clients! If anyone...
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End of Year Planning

We are “wrapping up” for the holidays! If you have any last-minute requests from your financial team, please make note that we are going to be heading home for the holidays soon. A few things that happen at the end of the year include: Required minimum distributions. If you are above the minimum age, then...
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Episode 90: Tax Harvesting…Gains and Losses

Join Nathan Merrill and Karl Frank CFP® as they share ideas about tax harvesting. First, learn what it means to harvest a tax loss and how it benefits you. Then, learn about some risks you might not have thought about when you choose to do it. Plus, learn some good strategies and when this benefits...
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Episode 89: Practical Advice for Coping and Managing Stress

Jeff Krommendyk, Nathan Merrill and Karl Frank discuss practical ways for business owners–and anyone!–can reduce stress. Drawing on personal experience, as well as all of our network, we tell you what we do–and what we would like to do! Keeping it real!
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Celebration Time!

Thanks to everyone who made it to our annual holiday party. We had a wonderful time showing off our new space and sharing stories with you. We wish you the very best for the new year! Tips for the holidays Keep your spending in alignment with your goals! Inflation has driven up prices and our...
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Annual Holiday Open House 2023

Garrison Keillor jokes: “With cable news, print, news networks, websites, millions of podcasts, we are the most communicative people on earth; it’s no wonder we’re so sick of each other.” Well, here’s to less screen time and more face to face time. We will all feel better when we are together and we laugh a...
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Three Financial Planning Reasons for Thankfulness in 2023

We have countless reasons to be thankful in 2023. We are thankful for our health, for our family, for our friends, and for you, our wonderful extended family and friends! Here are three reasons you might want to show your gratitude. Colorado Gives Day Many charities will receive a matching gift if you make a...
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Tax Harvesting Essential Information

If you are interested in how to make lemonade out of lemons, consider talking to your financial planner at A&I about tax harvesting. In many cases, you can offset your gains and save taxes. Importantly, if you have even more losses than taxable gains, you could offset up to $3,000 of income from any source...
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Where do Retirees Really Spend their Money?

Retirees spend money in surprising ways! At a recent lunch and learn, we discussed spending in retirement. Many of us go into retirement hoping to enjoy life, traveling, planning on a life of leisure. You may be surprised at where retirees are actually spending their money! Listen to an expert and see the statistics on...
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