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Karl and the rest of the hiking crew on Mt. Rainier

Read this Periscope for the sequel to my musings from the trail, while I was summiting the highest mountain in the state of Washington a few weeks ago.

Relationships Are Awesome

On this ten day mountaineering journey, climbing Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier, our seven civilians and three guides became fast friends. We came from all parts of the country and had completely different backgrounds. And we likely had different political and other beliefs—but I would not know. Even in these divisive times, we found topics to get excited about.

Two of us were Avalanche fans, for example, and the Stanley Cup Championship was happening back in the real world while we were in (my version of) paradise. So all of us became fans for a few days. When we got back to a world with internet, and heard the news our team won, we erupted in cheers!

Late in retirement, relationships can be similar. Retirees I know often make friends more easily later in life than earlier. When differences in opinions become less important, relationships can be stronger and more sustaining, or so I have witnessed with the elders I know and care about. I find it inspiring.

Recently we had a speaker teach us about end-of-life planning. She did not spend too much time on the legal stuff—important—but quite a bit of time on relationships. You might enjoy the recording of her most important takeaways.

Teamwork is everything

Climbing up the steep and remote Kautz Route of Mt. Rainier, we had to depend upon each other. We had to know that one guy would not trip and fall in the “no fall zone,” for example. I had to know that if I fell, not only would I know what to do, but so would the members of my team in order to keep me safe. In a less extreme example, we depended upon each other to divide the load into each other’s backpacks. It is a lot easier to set up a tent with two people than on your own. Other examples of teamwork abound from our trip up Mt. Rainier.

In financial planning, we lean on the experts to help us navigate our own financial and life goals. We look to tax experts and legal experts, insurance experts and investment experts for advice. Here, at our firm, we provide you a team and access to all of these professionals. We facilitate communication between them and simplify the complexities of life planning. Financial planning is no less dangerous or important than mountaineering, but it is a lot less dramatic. As Dick Wagner said, financial skills are 21st century survival skills.

I hope you are inspired to ask your financial planner a question about anything related to your financial situation. Or, perhaps, ask on behalf of one of your friends. Teamwork is everything.

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