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Recently, Shelly Slocum spoke to us about ways to overcome life’s challenges. The author of Love and Inspiration from Mom, Shelly provides insight and experience you or someone you love may find helpful (you can see our recording of the event here!).

Shelly is a cancer survivor and mother who helped her daughter survive her own trauma. As a lifelong reader of self-help and a motivational speaker, Shelly put together her own acronym for thriving while surviving tough times. She calls it SUGAR:

  • S: Seek blessings
  • U: be Unafraid
  • G: Get busy
  • A: Ask good questions
  • R: Remember

Personally, I know the longer that I live the more I learn. Almost any experience I have can change my perspective, if I allow myself the possibility. Shelly has had a few lemons in her life, and with a change in perspective, and a lot of SUGAR, she was able to turn them into lemonade. Learn more in the video!

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