From Ages 14 to 84, It’s War We Worry About

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Everyone, it seems, carries worries about war this week. I heard from a fourteen-year-old who asked, “Will I be called to go to war in four years?” In another conversation, my eighty-more-year-old friend said, “My Korean War Veteran friends and I are wondering if we can still fit into our uniforms.

As I write this, the tensions between Iran and the USA are lessoning, they say. Calmer, more quiet voices are audible in the din. In times like these, what matters most is what you can control, like your own financial plan. From this solid foundation, we can discuss what the worldly events will, or more likely will not, do to your financial future.

We are here to hear you and listen to your concerns. We’ll have a lunch and learn this week about tax law changes and about the economic situation we are in. I hope you join us. Click here for a reservation. Perhaps we can talk before, or after, our lunch and learn. To schedule an appointment, reply to this email, call us, or visit your financial advisor’s web page where she/he likely has a “Schedule an appointment” link right beside her photograph.

If you cannot make it this week, in two short weeks (in February) we’ll have an outside expert speak about investing during Presidential years. My sincere hope is that world events calm down. Then we can all transfer our worries away from war and onto something else, say US politics. As upsetting as they are, a presidential election pales in comparison to the fears I heard this week from so many of my favorite people.

Keep talking. We are listening. We remain confident that where we’ve placed our life savings, with your life savings alongside us, in the right place for the long haul of your family’s financial lifetime.

If you are not receiving the email version of this Periscope, you’re missing out on another insightful story by our friend, Nick Murray. Please send us a note and we’ll make sure that you can see it. Nick summarizes for us the economic indicators that matter for equity markets. He warns us to ignore a commonly heard refrain among investors: the market is just too high.

And if you haven’t heard about the massive tax increase our inheritors will pay, then visit with us next week. It was a ruse—hidden behind a two-year tax deferral for anyone under age 72—the tax act just passed increases taxes on all of our children and grandchildren. (1) I’m sure you’ll enjoy our perspectives!

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