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On January 16th, Francois Giguere, CFP and I had the pleasure of presenting to a packed house. Francois taught us the news about last year’s tax reform and how it affects you, our clients. I presented thoughts from several investment research firms who we trust of view about the economy. Here is a 42 minute video, which I hope you share with anyone who might be interested!

In brief, the tax law changes affect anyone who has an IRA, employers who provide retirement plans, expecting parents, including adoptive parents, and folks who are charitably inclined.

On the economic front, I believe it is a time for cautious confidence. We are living through the longest, most tepid recovery in the history of the USA. Just because it is long does not, in and of itself, make it dangerous. When growth is tepid and interest rates are so low, we just might have room to grow. There are other reasons for optimism, but those are some take-aways.

We also have reasons for pessimism. The stock market climbs a “wall of worry” and this year the list of reasons to be scared is long. Here are a few reasons for caution that might not make the headlines. Last year, we gave a lunch and learn on the “BBB bonds” bombshell that has never exploded–but might–and that’s a threat, according to Litman Gregory, one of our research partners. According to Athena Invest, the single biggest threat to our equity portfolios today is the recent run-up in stock prices! Just when you feel most confident, you may actually be in one of the least profitable times to invest.

So talk with your financial advisor and make the most of these good times. This way, when the inevitable recession does arrive, you’ll feel confident in your finances.

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