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woman filling up carRead this post for insights into why inflation happens and how long it may last.

Doubleline Research Says…

Recently, we had one of our investment partners speak at a Lunch & Learn event for our clients.  Ryan Kimmell is an analyst with Doubleline, a company with whom we have significant investments for many of our clients. He gave us the low-down on inflation.

We currently have the highest rates of inflation since the early 1980s. How did we get here? According to Doubleline, the US government pumped $5 trillion into our economy during the pandemic. $1.8 trillion of that went to consumers. Consumers then bought durable goods and stopped spending on services during the pandemic.  Econ 101: demand going up + supply going down = prices rise.

If you would like to gain more insight into the nuances of why we have inflation, watch the first 5–10 minutes of this video:

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