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Two women taking care of their investments with a smartphone

This week, I have some tips for our clients to make your investment experience a little less painful while the investment world goes through turmoil.

1. Go Mobile

The first way to make your investment experience easier is to access your accounts, financial plans, and get in contact with your financial planner – all of which you can do from your smartphone! Just visit our client access portal, then click “Add to Home Screen.”

  • For iPhones: Open “Safari”, your web browser on the iPhone. Enter that URL above. Click the box at bottom of the screen with an up arrow. Then choose “Add to Home Screen.”
  • For Android: Open “Chrome,” enter the URL above, and click the 3 dots in the top right. Then choose “Add to Home Screen.”

2. Go Paperless

Soon, you will receive an email from Axos asking you to go paperless. With a single click of the green button in the email, you will no longer receive the reams of paper waste that you may be receiving now. This is a new, improved and much better way.

As an aside, our company is in 2nd place for all of the companies who use Axos. Only one more company has more clients who are paperless than we are. Will you help us win the competition? Go paperless— help us win!

By the way, we can still send you regular reviews in paper format, even if you tell Axos to make the rest of the paper go digital.

3. Bookmark Our Client Access web page

My last tip for you is to get the most of your investment experience is to bookmark our most popular web page on your computer.

Yes, this is the same web page I discussed in “Go Mobile.” You can scroll down and see our most recent commentary, so that you know what we are thinking about the markets, the economy, our investments, as well as our videos where we interview interesting people about important financial planning topics. The latest episodes of our podcast, where we discuss advanced planning topics, of particular interest to business owners and executives, are also available on the same page.

If you would like a brief introduction, spend 5 minutes and watch Virginia’s introduction to Client Access.

Idea 3.5: Use our Help Center and Chat

And a bonus idea! Just in case you are visiting our website outside of our business hours, click the “Help Center” icon at the top of the page. Many of the most common questions are answered here. You can also write a brief message, and we will respond. You can search for topics as well.

During business hours, if you want to reach us without calling or emailing, try our new “Chat” feature. This connects you with a real-life person here in our office, and we can take care of you. Give it a try! After hours, the same button sends us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we return to the office.

About the author

Karl Frank, Certified Financial Planner ®, MSF, MBA, MA, is the President of A&I Financial Services LLC, a local business that specializes in wealth management, insurance planning, and retirement planning. Karl cares for business owners and the businesses that care for them. Learn More about Karl.