In? Not yet in? The results are what?

Check out this Periscope for a summary of our thoughts about the election and investments.

We start with links to our two most recent Lunch and Learns:

Presidential Election Myths and Truths


End of Year 2020 Financial and Tax Planning

Here is a recap of our October Periscope blogs.

This Most Important Election is So Different
Every four years, we say, “this time it’s different”. I cannot imagine a time when the hyperbole has been worse than this year.
Take a breath. Think it through.

Investing Right Before the Biggest Most Important Election of Our Lives
When we are threatened, we normally want to take action. We want to get out. We want to freeze, fight or take flight. Often these instincts can lead to a poor financial decision. Where can we find shelter? We use our timeless truths to guide our decisions.

Silly. Really.
Three silly, but real, things that are happening right now in the investment world.

Find a way to de-stress this week, everyone! As always, call or email your financial advisor for a friendly conversation about your situation and these “interesting times”.

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