What’s next for our investment portfolios?

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In years past, the election week and week after have been fairly dramatic, either up or down. This year was no exception. If the current uptrend continues, it may end up a bigger increase than any of the charts shown below. (1)


Don’t feel bad if you didn’t expect the stock market to cheer this week. No one can accurately and reliably predict short-term movements. No one I knew predicted the announcement of a Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer, and the equities that rallied after that news might not have been the ones you might have expected.

If you have money on the sidelines, this is likely a good time to talk with your financial advisor about what to do with it.

Things are changing, and opportunities may abound in times of change. Consider calling your advisor!

End of Year Planning

If you missed it, catch the End of Year Financial Planning Lunch and Learn we recorded.


The good ideas include Roth IRAs, Tax-Deductible Investments, Tax Harvesting, and many more.

Many investments may have gains this year!

You may want to talk to your advisor if you have any particular concerns about taxes or your personal financial plans.

Covid-19 and Your Retirement Plans

Join Cameron Morgan, MBA and Dave Stevens, CFP, CPA, PFS as they discuss some great ideas and some mistakes to avoid as we navigate the next wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

(1) https://www.statista.com/chart/23355/stock-market-reaction-to-us-presidential-elections/

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