Read this Periscope for a perspective on true client care and a summary of July’s Periscope news.

I’m tired of the Covid-19 excuse for delivering bad client service. Are you with me?

The wait times at many large companies are horrendous. The people who answer are a little too casual, and carefree. There is too little accountability if something goes wrong. And everything is going slowly.

At our firm, we were able to make the leap to this new virtual world quickly. I hope you found it seamless. We are taking on the responsibility of providing you the absolute best care possible at all times—making it completely invisible to you whether we are at home or at the office.

We’re investing in new technology to make communications between all of us even better than they were before. We’ve completely overhauled our web site and made the features you’ve requested front and center, and more elegant and easy to use.

If you ever feel like you’re not getting the absolute best in service from anyone here, please share it with me. We might not be perfect every time, but we are not about to use Covid-19—or any other excuse—as a reason to not put our best foot forward.

We have only one standard—our very best. With every meeting, every interaction, every decision, we give it our all or we don’t do it at all.

Read more about our 12 core values here.

July 27th: Futility of Paying Attention
Last week’s Periscope, we looked at how the news is the exact same but the headlines can be completely different. History is what we make up about the past—not what actually happened. The bottom line is that news cannot help us make a good long-term, real-life financial decision.

July 20th: New Website and Resources
Read this Periscope to learn how easy it is to navigate to your investment accounts, your financial plans, your advanced planning resources and to give your friends and family the gift of financial planning advice through the new tools available to you.

July 13th: Halftime Show and June Recap
Read this Periscope for a little perspective about the first half of 2020: when everything completely changed (again!).

Change is Tough and Things are Getting Better: Working in the USA Today
We are learning to work at home and at a faster pace than ever before. This Periscope discusses investment opportunities and the long-term ramifications of Covid-19.

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