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Doctors and Submarines

Money skills are survival skills, I said recently to the CFP Board of Standards. This wasn’t my idea, it was my dear friend and mentor, now departed, Dick Wagner, who gave me the opening quote.

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I felt like I was important.

Patient in hospital

We help build your expert team

You might not know all of the benefits you have here with your team of professionals.

  • Wealth enhancement: help with taxes and debt
  • Wealth protection: legal help and insurance advice
  • Wealth transfer: Help with the estate plan
  • Charitable giving: Help making meaningful gifts

Professionals know when to offload, as soon as they know who they can trust to offload it!

One of the keys of success, I believe, is knowing what you know and perhaps more importantly, knowing what you don’t know. And the best solution to solving problems you don’t know how to solve is…find someone you can trust.

Our financial advisors built a network of professionals who they can rely on to provide our clients financial advice that is outside their own personal areas of expertise. We can answer questions about a huge array of financial topics. Just today I answered questions about trusts, corporations, mortgages, student debt, credit card debt, life insurance and a reverse mortgage too.

I don’t know all this stuff. No one does. But we know people who do.

Swimming like a submarine

Financial planning is complicated and has countless moving parts. A submarine does too, and yet a submarine is run by dozens of teenagers and early twenty-year-old men and women. How can they do that?

With a process. Our financial advisors’ teams of professionals work together with a process we built here at AIWM that enables the client to “drive the ship” instead of wear all the hats of an entire crew. To run a submarine, a person must understand how the pistons, rudders, oxygen, electricity, plumbing and minutia work. No one can do it alone.

Instead, we help our experts communicate with each other and facilitate that communication and expert advice back to our clients. You can ask us a question about almost anything financial and we can find an answer for you. Go ahead, try it!

It is our process that is unique here at A&I Financial. No one else does it quite like us.

Like the team of doctors who helped our son after injury

My family had a great experience at Children’s Hospital during our son’s recovery from traumatic injury. As many of you know, we had a dramatic and terrifying accident in 2020. Our son experienced a number of injuries. A few months later, Henry was on the mend.

And a good part of the reason he is healing is because of the process that Children’s Hospital Colorado put in place for some of their chronic pain patients. We had a day with a team of experts—every expert the hospital thought was appropriate for our patient-son. They all met with him one-on-one and then met with each other, in a huddle, in the hospital.

When we left that day, we had an improved and coordinated set of advice for our patient-son to follow. I’m sure that this did expedite his healing. Even better, he felt like he was important. He felt like he had all this attention from these brilliant, caring people. He feels confident. His positive attitude, perhaps more than anything else, will help his healing.

For the two of us parents, the team was great. We had so much trouble coordinating his care with all these experts. We used to have this medication prescribed by this doctor with that prescription from the other doctor. Then, we show up, they talk with each other, and shazam! It all fits together. We’ve got no pharmacopeia, no confusion. Just clarity and confidence.

The experience we had with the medical profession is rare. And wonderful. And it’s the same experience we endeavor to provide all of you, our clients, day after day at A&I Financial Services LLC. We coordinate all the financial care you want and need so that you can proceed with calm confidence and “steer the ship.”

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