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Water all around the world is lower than it used to be, and amazing discoveries are being made. Check out this graphic from Statista to see just a few of the miraculous and macabre history being uncovered!

what droughts have revealed around the world

Recent history for investing

Sometimes, when we look at the past, we get nostalgic. We think, “Life was better back then.” Like coming up the Manitou Springs Incline, life can be difficult. Halfway through, we might be tempted to quit in frustration. Then we make it to the top. After we find a place to rest, we look back and say, “That was not that hard!”

Daniel Kahneman warns us that the past was much more difficult than we remember. Some people call this the peak-end rule. In our very recent past, we have had a drought and a stock market decline. It is difficult to look forward with optimism when all the news is negative. But the truth is, after the market’s decline comes the market’s most rapid ascent. So, we likely do have something to look forward to!

As for the drought, well…there are some amazing discoveries being made. Check out a few links below for some of my favorite stories. Some of these, like the hunger stones, remind us that we have been through droughts before. We will survive again!

Murder and accident victims in Lake Mead, Nevada

When the waters receded, they found murder victims. Will they find Jimmy Hoffa?

Hunger Stones in Czech Republic

If you can read the words on these stones then you are going to be hungry!

Dinosaur tracks in Texas

This huge carnivore was hungry 113 million years ago.

Spanish Stonehenge

In case you thought only the Irish like to stand big rocks on their ends, Spain has a Stonehenge.

Rock island and Buddha statues

The Yangtze river is so low, that now an island shows.

Real-life Wild West town (my favorite!)

My favorite of all the things dug up—a town that was both an inspiration for Wild West movies and a stage for Hollywood to shoot the films!

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