Episode 42: Retirement Income Primer

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Episode Summary

November 16, 2021 | 00:28:26 | E42

Retirement Income Primer

Join Mike Miller, CPA, Karl Frank, CFP and Nathan Merrill, attorney as they discuss retirement income. In today’s podcast, Nathan and Mike ask Karl questions about how to turn your retirement assets into retirement income. Some of the questions Karl answers include:
Should I invest using a 401k or a Roth and what is the difference?
What is my retirement number–how much do I need?
What happens to real estate, like my home, in retirement?
What about the sale of a business, a home or other large asset?
How do we plan for Medicare?
What are the tax effects of various sources of retirement income?
Oh my goodness! How to avoid the “torpedo” of the Social Security Retirement Income tax.
And charities, including ways to make a tax-free gift directly out of a retirement account.

This primer covers a lot of ground and opens the door to many other podcasts and resources for retirees and pre-retirees. Learn more here Retirement Income Planning.