Episode 43: Real Estate for Retirement Income

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November 23, 2021 | 00:21:54 | E43

Real Estate for Retirement Income

Join Karl Frank, CFP as he interviews Mike Miller, CPA and Nathan Merrill to talk about a very popular retirement income strategy: real estate. Today we are talking about the pros and cons and the ins and out of passive rental income. Karl is a rookie at owning commercial real estate and asks the experts, both of whom are income-producing real estate owners and have decades of experience counseling real estate investors. Here are just a few of the questions you can get answers to:
Should I own it or try to fix and flip the real estate? Pros and cons for different real estate strategies, especially during retirement.
How do I transfer it to another real estate–the 1031? And some advanced questions and answers about these tax rules.
What is the deal with long-term capital gains? What is “boot” and why do I care?
Pros and cons of hiring a property management company compared to doing it myself.
And what is this talk about trusts–and other complicated ways to own real estate?

Real estate has particular risks and offers potential rewards for the investor. Learn more about Real Estate Investment Planning Podcast or speak to a Real Estate Financial Advisor in Colorado.

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