Episode 50: Business Owners Get Off the Treadmill Part 2

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Episode Summary

March 8, 2022 | 00:26:12 | E50

We don’t want imagine a retirement like our parents’ retirement. Their employer said something like, “give us the best 40 years of your life and we will give you what is left over.” Is there something better?

We don’t “remove ourselves from service” like we “retire” an old piece of equipment. No, instead we want to reboot!

Go back to the first day you started your business. Remember the challenges you overcame, and likely you think of these things fondly. Similarly, starting retirement today is like that–a new journey with challenges you can enjoy!

Review the stages of business. Today’s conversation is about the final two stages, 6 and 7. In Stage 6, you are the visionary and provide guidance. For stage 7, you are passing on the legacy, perhaps while you are still there!

There is such a thing as an ideal work lifestyle that may be more fulfilling than a flat-out quit everything and then figure-it-out way to go!

We discuss some of the key attributes that a successful “figurehead” leader has and wants to cultivate. These qualities include an abundance mindset, creativity, flexibility, and the ability and desire to engage the next generations and stay engaged. In fact, we believe that this last point–staying engaged–is a key to a healthy life.
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