Episode 79: Facilitating Important Family Conversations (Part 1)

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May 30, 2023 | 00:24:07 | E79

Facilitating Important Family Conversations (Part 1)

Karl Frank, CFP, Jeff Krommendyk and Nathan Merrill interview Shawn Barberis, JD, who is an expert on facilitating important family conversations about legacy. As Shawn says, legacy is often discussed but rarely acted upon. Shawn shares:How legacy is not quantitative, it is not measured in dollars. A legacy is qualitative. Shawn shares what he means by this and how he helps people find meaning.Why everyone, even the young people in a family, deserve a seat at the table during a family conversation about legacy.Everything goes wrong when the family goes wrong, the money, the businesses, health and wealth. All of it depends upon transparent conversations.Shawn and his team have developed processes and technology to make conversations productive and families feel confident and safe. He says there are three stages to the financial legacy, first you have to make it. Then you have to prepare the money for the family. These are where many people stop–this is the traditional estate plan for a financially successful family. But a wealthy family, says Shawn, takes the next step: prepare the family for the money.Learn more about Shawn and his company, More than Money 360, at his website, www.morethanmoney360.com  or email him at shawn@mtm360.com . Make sure to schedule a free discovery meeting, here: https://assetsandincome.com/our-process-our-promise/ 

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