Episode 80: Facilitating Important Family Conversations (Part 2)

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Episode Summary

June 13, 2023 | 00:29:46 | E80

Facilitating Important Family Conversations Part 2

Karl Frank, CFP, Jeff Krommendyk and Nathan Merrill continue to interview Shawn Barberis, JD, who is an expert on facilitating important family conversations about legacy. Legacy is often discussed but rarely acted upon. Shawn shares some of the history of legacy conversations:How Shawn got into the business, and created the technology and processes.What the process looks like for new clients. This includes 30 minutes of homework for each and every family member, each and every month, for the first six months.The research on families who have successfully transferred the financial and non financial assets over generations.Shawn shares practical advice and offers a way to facilitate communications about the topics that are most important to many people. What does this money mean? What stories do you want to share? What are the values? By creating a shared values list, Shawn’s team helps families create a family values mission statement. And make sure to listen to the end of the podcast when we discuss how Shawn can help disinterested, intimidated (bored?) new generations get interested, involved and feel like they are making a difference. He also offers advice about how to get an older patriarch who wants to maintain control involved, and willing to be vulnerable. 

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