Episode 82 – Wealth as a Disruptor

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Episode Summary

August 1, 2023 | 00:23:14 | E82

Wealth is a Disruptor 

Nathan Merrill and Karl Frank, CFP say wealth is a disruptor. It could be a force for good or bad! First principles, how is money a disruptor? Help define the benefactor’s goalsThink about it from the inheritor’s sideNow think about it four generations out, what will they value? Likely not the money…Hear a story about a ranch in the family and another story that goes all the way back to Colonial Virginia. What do the relatives most value today?Learn the importance and usefulness of having a guideLearn a few techniques to navigate important conversations safely.In this podcast, we discuss the book, Cycle of a Gift by James Hughes etc. Importantly, the expert team offers a free discovery meeting. Contact any one of us at www.expertnetworkteam.com or email [email protected]