Episode 84 – A Family Reunion Can Help Prepare the Heirs

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Episode Summary

August 29, 2023 | 00:22:20 | E84

A Family Reunion Can Help Prepare Your HeirsNathan Merrill and Karl Frank, CFP talk about a fun way to help prepare the heirs–the family reunion! Here are a handful of fun and practical ideas to turn an event that has been the butt of many jokes, and funny movies, and turn it into something that could be impactful. Plus, it could prepare the heirs by giving them the stories and sharing the legacy of your family.First, ask why? Why do we have a family reunion? Get the buy-in from younger generations. Everyone needs to bring something to the reunion to make it work.Story-time.Fun events.Symbols can be a big part of legacy; and they could be as small as a cuff-link!Consider a book; here is a way that everyone can contribute something they want to remember.Make sure everyone is invited and feels safe.Bring in the spouse’s stories too!Sometimes the elder generations are saddled with putting on this event. The younger generations have a lot at stake. Importantly, the expert team offers a free discovery meeting. Contact any one of us at www.expertnetworkteam.com or email [email protected]